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I decided to put this page together because I land on so many websites that have a ton of great information but then I get confused to where I am and how to get back to a page I was on some pages ago… phew!

I guess you could say this is a sitemap just with a little info about what each page is about and if a link takes you to a page external to this blog design then it will open in a new window.  Hopefully though, you won’t need this as the website should be easy to navigate…

Main Menu

Sub Menu

  • About Me – Just a little blurb about my background.
  • Contact – My main email address so you’re welcome to get in touch.
  • Website Tour – You are here!
  • Freebies – An IM site would not be complete without a ton of freebies and this is no exception, I use to love finding these sections in websites!
  • Glossary – A list of abbreviations and their meanings that the IM world assumes you know about!

Side Menus


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