Stumbling Blocks

I had put off my first marketing campaigns for reasons that took me a while to unearth; stumbling blocks that hindered me in the phase of the business that can be an enjoyable endeavor.  I’m sharing here what those challenges were and how I conquered them, and hopefully, if you can relate then it might help you to overcome them too.

Stumbling Block 1
‘I’m not a Sales Person’

Many years ago I had an experience of selling healthcare products and it was hard; I couldn’t sell very well and didn’t have the ‘salesperson’ persistence that makes a successful sale.  And when I got involved with internet marketing I associated driving traffic with a selling mentality and so found a million and one things to do instead.

But the selling part is mostly done with your website; how you design your site and what you write sells your product, not the exercise of driving traffic.  And the brilliant thing about doing business on the internet is the buyer does not feel uncomfortable – they choose whether they want to stay and read your sales pitch or watch your sales video and not you.

Ok it can be argued that there is a certain amount of ‘selling’ of yourself involved when driving traffic e.g. writing articles, getting known in online communities but it’s not the same as cold calling on the unsuspecting public or harassing friends and family to buy some amazing health products… 🙁

The whole purpose of traffic generation is to get your URL link in as many places as possible – and that’s it.  So you don’t have to be a great salesperson or be able to ‘sell a ketchup popsicle to a white-gloved lady’ (I love that saying), all you need to do is contribute and leave your signature.

Stumbling Block 2
Fear of Rejection

Does this actually matter?  If somebody reads your article but doesn’t click on your link then that’s fine and if somebody clicks on your link but doesn’t opt-in or purchase your product then that’s also fine because if you concentrate solely on getting traffic to your site and not waste your efforts on those who didn’t become subscribers/buyers then the opt-ins and the sales will happen.

  • The visitor is not rejecting you, they are rejecting your offer; and that could be for a ton of reasons you do not want to waste your time and energy stressing about.

Further down the line you can investigate conversions etc but for now you should just be concentrating on getting your website link out there.

Think about this:

If your link is seen by 1000 people and only 10% click on your link; and only another 10% opt-in for your free eBook – that’s ten subscribers on your list.  That ten will become 20…30…100…1000…5000 and a lot of those subscribers will become customers and stay with you for the long haul.  Even if only 10% of your 5000 subscriber list purchase one of your recommendations at $10, that’s $5,000.  Now does it matter?

Stumbling Block 3
So much Work with no Guarantee of Return

From now on you need to see traffic generation as a part of your regular business activities.  So you need to plan it.  It needs to be a daily task just like opening and distributing the mail or loading the truck for a day’s labouring.  Put it in your planner and keep it there.

You shouldn’t be thinking about how much ‘work’ you are putting in to driving traffic because it is something you will always be doing.  The best thing about it is that the work you put in last week will still be there today. So say you managed to write five posts in three forums Monday to Friday of last week; that’s 75 times the link to your website has been displayed.  That doesn’t disappear, and if you did the same this week, that’s now 150 times… and so on.

Again all you need to think about is putting your link in as many places as you can – don’t think about returns, they will come.

Stumbling Block 4
Putting off Today till Tomorrow

Such a common mistake and I did it for too long.  One of my mentors is Alex Jeffries and the first thing he taught me before anything else was to plan my life for the next 12 months.  It was hard at first because I just used to drift by day-by-day doing things but not actually getting anything done…!

But once you start planning what you want to achieve and mapping out the steps to get there, things start to happen and you don’t need to put anything off because if you’ve planned properly everything you set out to do will get done.

I have created the ‘Business Direction Planner’ which you can download for free here. It is a great resource and has helped me tremendously in my business and all aspects of my life.

>> Business Direction Planner <<

So what is your next step?  Take a look at all of the different ways to generate traffic; find two or three that you don’t mind doing and schedule them in your planner as a regular slot (and don’t worry if at first you can only do it a couple of times a week – just make a start).

Let me know in the comments section what you have done today towards generating traffic and also any tips that you don’t mind sharing that has helped you.

If you do download the planner let me know how you get on, it does take some getting used to but before long you’ll wonder what you ever did without it (or rather how you ever did anything without it!)

To your traffic success,
Loretta Raine

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