Generating Traffic

Ok, so you’ve just spent ‘x’ amount of time planning, designing and building your site which is now sitting with all its bells and whistles on your domain, waiting for the avalanche of traffic to submerge it in potential customers.

But now what…?  Are you confident in getting the avalanche started?  Or are you still a tad in the dark and wondering what methods are best?

Nowadays, before I do anything else I make sure my planner is filled in which includes allocated time Mon-Fri for traffic generation activities (if you need a planner template grab my free Business Direction Planner).

Next you need to know about the different traffic tactics there are.  I have listed over 30 web traffic generation ideas, I’ve listed them on a separate page to keep this one shorter – check it out here!

Once you have an idea of some of the strategies you would like to try, you need to know as much information on each one as you can and how to execute them effectively.  There are tons of products that can help with this including:

Simple Traffic Solutions (Cost $5): this training program goes into detail on a range of traffic methods and is delivered by John Thornhill, a leading internet marketer.  Each has a step-by-step guideline with over-the-shoulder videos so you can feel comfortable in knowing exactly how to implement them yourself.

An Internet Marketer’s Guide to Forum Posting (Cost FREE): if one of the tactics you have chosen is contributing in forums, then please download my free report which will give you some handy pointers when you’re inside various communities.

Web Traffic College (Cost $1 first 7 days followed by $10 per month): a complete training college dedicated to web traffic.

Stumbling Blocks

It all sounds so easy doesn’t it?  But if you’re anything like me I put off my first marketing campaign for reasons that took me a while to unearth, stumbling blocks that hindered me in a part of the business that should have been an enjoyable endeavor.  I’m sharing here what those challenges were and how I conquered them and if you can relate then hopefully this will help you to overcome them too. So check out Stumbling Blocks.

I hope I’ve given you some valuable information and you can now feel confident to make that jump from a handful of visitors to thousands.

To your success,
Loretta Raine


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