Shiny New Object Syndrome

Hey guys,

I love shiny new objects and I really need to unsubscribe from WSO alerts…

It made me think back to when I was just starting out and I read page after page of colourful, exciting sales pages, promising the world of riches if you just hit the ‘Buy’ button and buy I did. And guess what… most are sitting on my ‘C’ drive – still nicely packaged in their zip files!

These products are usually great and I’ve come across some gems (when I’ve finally unzipped them) but did I NEED them? Nope. Maybe one day in the future you can draw some tips from an ebook you once bought but the problem with the Internet is that it is always changing and some of those shiny new objects will be outdated as soon as they’re opened.

My tip for today – only buy what you need. Don’t be afraid that you’ll miss out if you don’t get the new WP video plugin that almost definately brings in thousands of new subscribers (even though you haven’t thought of a niche, let alone a website yet) as there will be a better, shinier version available when you’re ready for it. Just concentrate on what your business needs NOW.

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2 thoughts on “Shiny New Object Syndrome

  1. Hi Loretta
    This post really resonated with me… I have collected a bunch of these shiny products, and yes, one day I will actually look at them 🙂

    I’m an author (as you know from visiting my blog – many thanks) but I have to become one, if I am to make any sort of inroads into a busy market.

    Keep going – I’ll be back to read all your tips and directions – as soon as my head stops hurting and I can follow what’s going on.

    Too much input. You are so right, I shouldn’t have read all that stuff!

    1. Hi Leigh, thank you for your post. I have now stopped visiting WSOs unless I know it is something that could really help me NOW. The best thing I am doing is spending my time planning on what I should be doing to take my business further – instead of taking somebody else’s business further. Take care and all the best to you.

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