Plan To Action

Ok, let’s get down to some proper IM tips and I want to kick start with a gem I learnt from a top marketing guru, Liz Tomey.

Time Management…Eeek I know, pretty boring…but one worth thinking about.

For most of us our lives are crammed with jobs, kids, housework, academia etc…weekends come and go and before you know it – it’s Monday morning yet again!

Finding the time to get something done is difficult…unless it’s surfing the net or playing that video game that’s definately got a bug in it because it won’t let you get to the next level…!!  Not that I have the slightest idea what that’s like… 😉

Seriously though, you can find time for those sorts of things because you don’t have to do them but as soon as you know you’ve got to research a particular niche or set up a new blog… the washing machine starts calling out to you to be filled or that fence panel that really needs mending is flapping in the corner of your eye out in the garden…

Depending on how much time you do have to commit to your online business will depend on how much time you can realistically set aside but it needs to be at the very minimum a couple of hours a week (or day if you’re lucky enough to have that much time free) in doing something that contributes to making that first dollar.

That doesn’t mean surfing the net researching the latest SEO concept or nifty WordPress plugin but writing a blog post or even setting up a blog if you haven’t done that already.

Spend the allocated time taking action.

Hope that’s got you all thinking – and planning!!

Until the next,

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