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  1. Hey There Loretta
    I just followed a post you left at and see you did the marketing with Alex coaching. I have been trying to access the forum and have had no success so I hope it is OK to grab you here. I have been listening to Alexs Training on my ipod and of course he keeps saying post on the forum but it is broken.
    I really just want to know how the training is working for you and hoping we can help each other out after I get to know you a little better.
    I look forward to hearing more about your story.
    jenelle Livet
    Chasing shiny bright objects made me miss this live training

    • Hey Jenelle,

      Great to hear from you. I was surprised to see Alex’s forum has been closed, I haven’t visited there for a while but have had no notification of its closure. I will try and make contact with some others to see what has happened.

      I’m still making tweaks to this blog and haven’t marketed it yet – there’s always something that I’m not happy with (I think it’s called procrastination…!)

      I’ve been working on two products (50 Tips to Forum Posting) and (Business Direction Planner) the second being an idea I got from Alex’s training. I wanted them to be right before I marketed the site… unfortunately, I don’t think they will EVER be right lol!

      Let me know what you’re up to and I so know what you mean about shiny new objects – I wish I could stay away!

      All the best,

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